Tasteless Tacoma Build: The Best Worst Thing You’ll See Today

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Toyota Tacoma

We’re not sure if this truck is supposed to be a joke or the product of too many ‘stimulants.’ But we do know it’s the craziest thing we’ve ever seen.

One of the funniest (and most useful) memes ever created revolves around the idea that a comment or picture is (to keep it rated G) the worst thing you’ll read or see today. In keeping with that theme, we’re pretty confident that we’ve found the worst “custom” Toyota Tacoma build you’ll see today. And most likely, the worst you’ll see all year. Or ever.

This, um, amazing Toyota Tacoma can now burn the retinas of more than just the folks who’ve seen it tooling around actual streets. Thanks(?) to Reddit user SickZX6R, who posted the atrocity in the always humerous Shitty Car Mods subreddit. And as you might imagine, the comments that follow are both enlightening and hilarious.

Toyota Tacoma

“There is so much f***ery going on here it’s hard to pinpoint what is the worst,” notes SETHONM3TH. “There are just straight holes drilled in the body in the rear. And lets not forget that enormous plastic thing on the front there. What is that black/orange thing on the passenger side? And it’s a lifted truck with near slick tires. This guy takes it all to the next level.”

Indeed, there’s almost too much going on here to put it all into context. Or words. “Don’t forget the tow mirrors mounted too low to use and the peel-and-stick blower,” adds SomethingFoul. But as atrocious as this thing is, it appears that the owner at least has a little wit about him. Which doesn’t make up for his poor taste (or apparent blindness).

“The windshield says “the renovator” so I think he’s a contractor and that’s why he has the tool boxes,” points out ImFromCanada_eh. “On another note, who would hire a contractor that showed up in that.” If our guy showed up in this thing, we’d probably pretend we weren’t home instead of answering the door. Mostly out of fear for our lives (and our plumbing).

But the real elephant in the room is the nearly as large as an elephant front apparatus. “F***ing mint garden trim bumper,” quips SuperDidier. “It looks like an animal food trough,” adds leshake. “Either way, it was supposed to serve some agricultural purpose.”

We just wonder where the owner got his “unique” inspiration for this Toyota Tacoma build. Reddit, of course, has their theories. Z0di says “I like to imagine he thinks to himself ‘What can I do to make this look worse without destroying it?'” Then again, maybe we’re missing the point, This_Explains_A_Lot thinks aloud. “Yes, this is almost certainly someone messing about for a laugh. Either that or it’s drugs.”

Now, we’re not exactly the betting types. But if we were, we’d bet on drugs.

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