Classic Meets Modern with the FJ Company Sport

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It’s time to design the classic 40-series Land Cruiser of your dreams.

The classic 40-series Land Cruisers have stood the test of time. As far as rugged vehicles go, there’s not much that can beat the 40-series. Of course, getting your hand on a fully restored one is difficult because they’re costly and pretty rare. However, The FJ Company wants to change that.

With their FJ Company Sport series, FJ Company hopes to give all Land Cruiser enthusiasts a chance to own their very own brand new, classic Land Cruiser. However, they go one step further. On their website, you can customize the vehicle to truly build the Land Cruiser of your dreams. Whether you want a specific color, wheels, seats, or anything else you can imagine, FJ Company has what you want at your finger tips.

FJ Company Sport series

Seeing it is believing it, and in their recent promo video for the vehicle, you see the FJ Company Sport doing everything you would hope it would do. It looks amazing going down the road, with its sleek style. However, it’s just as capable off-road, giving the driver the ability to go over any terrain. This is truly a classic Land Cruiser brought to the modern day.

FJ Company Sport series

FJ Company isn’t making complete replicas, either. These are authentic Toyota Land Cruisers, with an original chassis and original steel body. However, under the hood, FJ Company has made sure you get all the comforts of modern technology. You get a modern, Toyota fuel-injected V6 engine, with 210 horsepower. You can also choose between automatic or 5-speed manual. They also added a performance steering system to give you the best possible responsiveness while driving off-road. Lastly, on the interior, they kept the look and feel of the original with modern touches, such as the digital readouts on the dash and the new seating options.

FJ Company Sport series

Overall, if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a customized 40-series Land Cruiser, you now have a chance. And if you don’t have the spare change lying around to buy one today, it’s still fun using their online tool to build exactly the vehicle you’ve always wanted.

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