FJ Company Sport is the Brand-New FJ40 of Your Dreams

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A modernized FJ40 ready to take on your commute or your next camping trip with ease.

There are few automobiles as iconic as the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. Its go-anywhere ability coupled with its impeccable reliability have made it a favorite to off-road enthusiasts for years.

With even the newest FJ40s being several decades old, the need has arisen for comprehensive restorations, much like Wagonmaster has done for Jeep Grand Wagoneers, another iconic off-roader. Enter The FJ Company, which has recognized an unfilled niche in the marketplace, and has set out to fill it.

The company has sought to update the classic FJ40 while retaining its original character and charm. The intent was to transform the FJ into a vehicle suitable for modern commuting, while increasing its already impressive off-road capability.

To that end, The FJ Company has comprehensively updated the original FJ40 concept, calling it The FJ Company Sport. Using an original Fj40 frame and steel body, the entire drivetrain has been brought forward into the 21st century, utilizing a modern Toyota 1FZ inline six backed up by five-speed manual or an optional automatic transmission.

Special attention has been given to the suspension and brakes as well, with a full Old Man Emu suspension and front disc brakes. The steering has also been updated to make the FJ40 feel more at home on congested city streets and tight trails.

The FJ Company Sport features modern LED lighting on the outside, and inside, modern gauges and a lush interior are complemented by an A/C and heater unit from Vintage Air. The gauge cluster, radio, and HVAC unit all look right at home in the classic FJ interior, while providing the performance and features you would expect of a modern car.

The FJ Company Sport may just be the ultimate FJ40 Land Cruiser, and expect to pay dearly for the privilege of owning one – they start at $90,000.


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