Classic Toyota Land Cruiser is the Ultimate Off-Road Camper

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Toyota Land Cruiser Camper Front

No need to pitch a tent during an off-road excursion for the owner of this old-school Toyota.

While covering the 2018 SEMA Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center, we came across this slick classic Toyota Land Cruiser. We don’t have any in-depth build details on this old-school sport utility vehicle, but based on what we know of these vehicles coupled with what we could see, it is clear that this old Toyota is the perfect vehicle for a weekend trip into the wilderness.

Land Cruiser Camper Side

This machine is on display in the Autohomes booth, sporting their Columbus roof-top camper attachment along with a host of other, simple upgrades to enhance the capabilities of this classic Land Cruiser.

A Rare Classic

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is one of the biggest automotive events in the world, with a mix of vehicles old and new, but there is a clear bias towards newer vehicles. However, the old-school models in attendance to a fine job of representing the classics and this Toyota Land Cruiser is a fantastic example.

Land Cruiser Camper Front End

For the most part, this classic Land Cruiser looks similar to how it did when new. It has beefy off-road tires, a brush guard/front bumper combo with an integrated winch, a rear rack for water jugs and, of course, the Autohomes Columbus roof-top tent.

Toyota Land Cruiser Campera Passenger Side

Camper Top

The roof-top tent allows the Toyota owner the ability to use the cargo space for cargo, while keeping the bedding in the roof-top compartment and removing the need for a freestanding tent. It folds flat while the vehicle is in motion, and when the owner is done driving through the woods, he or she simply pops up the heard top, zips open the door and climbs in to get comfortable.

Land Cruiser Camper Rear End

It is a very cool solution for someone who goes camping and who likes to travel light, so if this Toyota Land Cruiser owner wants to head off into the woods for an impromptu weekend trip, a comfortable bed is only a ladder away from the driver’s seat.

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