Band Turns Toyota Truck’s Car Alarm into Musical Masterpiece

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Can’t stand car alarms? Of course not. But this talented band might change your mind by turning the incessant honking into a groovy tune. 

We can’t think of a sound more annoying that a car alarm. Of course they always seem to go off at 3am, waking the neighborhood up with that endless cacophony that makes dogs howl and people curse. However, we came across this video by musicians Too Many Zooz and they found a creative way to make those car alarms not only bearable, but pretty funky.

Too Many Zooz takes the “honk honk honk” of a Toyota Tacoma car alarm anduses it as the beat they build off of in their new song, appropriately named Car Alarm. They add in sax, drums, trumpet, and soon you’ll find yourself shaking your tail (wagon).

Too Many Zooz musical car alarm

It’s a great song, and you’ll wish you could hire these cats to follow you around and play, especially when one of those late night car alarms goes off. Turn that headache into a block party.

To check out more of Too Many Mooz, they have some very cool videos on on You Tube, and their website has more info on the band.

Too Many Zooz musical car alarm

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