An 8-Second Tacoma? Just Add 2JZ!

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Drag Week Toyota carries the front wheels and runs 8s thanks to big horsepower from turbocharged Supra engine.

We’re used to seeing Toyota trucks with wheels at all kinds of weird angles on the trail, but this Tacoma’s owner has something else in mind: Wheelstands.

Yes, Joseph Fisher dropped the turbocharged 2JZ engine from a Supra into this El Cheap-O pickup to go drag racing. 1320 Video caught up with Fisher at HOT ROD Drag Week to get the details.

Toyota Tacoma Drag Racing 2JZ Supra

Joseph and Jenna Fisher has previously run their fourth-generation Supra at Drag Week in 2016. They didn’t want to wreck what is becoming a classic, so they transferred most of the goodies into a $1,000 Tacoma.

The engine is a built 3.0-liter 2JZ inline-six with a single turbocharger. That makes about 975 horsepower and it also produces a hellacious noise at full song. The built Turbo 400 transmission handles all that grunt. The biggest change is going from the Supra’s independent rear suspension to a live-axle Ford 9-inch differential, which is kind of the standard for drag racing.

At Drag Week, Fisher tells 1320 that the pickup has run as quickly as 8.30. That makes a monster run for any pickup truck. The truck’s first run at Drag Week carried the front tires in a badass wheelstand. Unfortunately, the engine was unhappy with the run and their Drag Week ended with only a single 9-second pass.

However, the Supra Taco (Taco Supreme? Fast Taco?) reappeared at the Haltech Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals on November 2 to 5. On the truck’s first pass at Maryland International Raceway, it again carried the tires and it set down hard enough to scatter the turn signals.

But the engine survived and Joseph stayed in it to run 8.33 in the quarter mile. Not bad for a return run. We think they have some of the bugs worked out.

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