Beautiful 1964 Toyota FJ45 Is Someone’s New Daily

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With plenty of modifications to make it a comfortable and reliable daily driver, this 1964 FJ45 is worth every penny of its asking price.

We at Yota Tech aren’t exempt to sticker shock. The sums that some FJs command nowadays are nothing short of exorbitant, and it’s typically showroom-quality machinery that attracts wealthy buyers.  But what about the daily drivers? What about the trucks and folks who want to beat around town, off-road a little, and not have to worry about a silly scratch here and there?


That’s the kind of FJ45 we’re featuring today. One for the weekday grinders and the weekend warriors. We came across this beauty on eBay, and we’re sorry to inform that it’s already been sold, but we loved it so much we still decided to feature it.

Allegedly sold for $16,222, this 1964 Land Cruiser features modern, power front disc brakes, power steering, and a Chevy 350 crate engine with only 5,000 miles in the odometer. The Chevy block is paired to a 5-speed tranny connected to a Toyota transfer case. We can imagine that these modifications not only make this FJ a comfortable driver, but also a reliable one for daily use. These upgrades alone are worth the $16 grand.


The exterior is coated in a charming hue of Pale Blue, and according to the seller the paint still “feels and looks like glass.” It’d be impossible to ignore the pickup truck bed out back, as it makes this Toyota even more desirable and utilitarian. The interior looks as basic and straight forward as when it rolled out of the factory, minus the wear and tear you’d expect from a 53-year-old vehicle.

All in all, this 1964 FJ45 will make an incredible daily driver to its new lucky owner!


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