Must-have Toyota Tacoma Mods (Video)

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Spice up your Taco with Throbb Nation‘s easy weekend projects.

It doesn’t take much to transform your Toyota Tacoma. This YouTube video by Throbb Nation outlines a handful of simple, easy modifications that any Tacoma owner should be able to perform at home.

The first recommendation is to swap the chrome-trimmed grilled with the more aggressive, blacked-out version from the Tacoma Pro that replaces the Toyota badge with old-school “T O Y O T A” lettering.

The host explains how to update your grille without interfering with the TSS sensor, and suggests painting the letters in the center of the grille to match the rest of the truck.

While the Tacoma doesn’t have a HomeLink system, Throbb Nation gave us a clever idea to eliminate having the garage door opener rattling around on the visor. He hid the opener behind the dashboard, and wired it to a momentary switch mounted to a factory switch blank near the knee bolster. Neat!

The next modification we weren’t originally on board with, but after seeing how much cleaner the truck looks, we’ve come around. Throbb Nation removed the decals on the bed sides and blacked out all of the chrome on the badging. The result looks downright slick, in our opinion.

Next up, the host replaced the standard incandescent interior light bulbs with bright white LEDs. The difference in interior visibility is huge, and it’s a simple, inexpensive modification.

The last simple modification is another interior upgrade. Trucks are made to get dirty, and the stock carpeted floor mats stain easily and aren’t up to the task. While Throbb Nation went with the OEM Toyota rubber mats, we’d recommend WeatherTech, as it’s always worked well in our cars and trucks.

Everything up to this point has been pretty cheap and simple. The last modification is a lot more expensive and requires more work, but you won’t hear us complaining. An aftermarket exhaust really wakes up the truck. The Tacoma has a great-sounding engine, and helping it breathe better and making it a bit louder is a great upgrade.

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