Toyota Tacoma Suicide Doors: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

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Toyota Tacoma

Some folks love the Tacoma Access Cab rear doors, but others find them difficult to open in tight parking spots.

Of all the many controversial topics we discuss on a daily basis, the presence of “suicide doors” on Toyota Tacoma Access Cab models isn’t really one of them. But in reality, there are strong feelings about this configuration on both sides of the spectrum. Some people love them, and some people hate them. And that fact was clearly on display in this recent Reddit thread.

Reddit user crmeacham93 started the discussion by posting a picture of his own Tacoma and making a bold statement – “suicide doors are the best doors,” he said. And when you look at his picture, you might just agree. After all, when you’re in a wide open parking space, these types of doors offer up total access to the cab. But then again, how often do you find yourself parked in a wide open space with no one next to you?

Toyota Tacoma

“It’s worth getting the longer box IMO, but the suicide doors are a pain in the ass getting anything in and out of in a parking lot,” said superworking. “I hated this so much about my Prerunner,” added billion_dollar_ideas. “Functional if you live in the boonies and never interact with people. Park next to a car, good luck putting anything from a cart in your truck. Life is much better with my Double Cab. Not hating on yours, just the literally the sole reason I traded it in.”

However, not everyone hates these unique Tacoma doors. “Eh, get the Double Cab long bed then,” said FormalChicken. “I for one prefer the clam shell style doors. Dog crate behind the seat, dog goes in and I go in, only one door to open.”

Toyota Tacoma

Of course, the beautiful thing about options like these is that they’re just that – options. The only kicker is some folks may not want to spend the extra money on a Double Cab, nor may they need the extra space. This heated debate has us curious to know what you may think about it. Do you love the suicide doors on Tacoma Access Cabs, or do you find them to be a real pain? Head over here to the forums and let us know!

Photos: Reddit; Yota Tech Forums


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