Toyota Helps Non-Profits Rebuild Hurricane-Ravaged Communities

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Toyota Tundra Double Cab

Nearly a year after Harvey, Irma & Maria, Toyota partners with non-profits in the recovery in Houston and Puerto Rico.

Last year bore witness to three of the most destructive hurricanes to strike the U.S. when Harvey drowned Houston, and Puerto Rico suffered from the one-two punch of Irma and Maria. Nearly a year later, the recovery effort is still ongoing in both locations.

Toyota Tacoma and Tundra Double Cabs

With its partner SBP (St. Bernard Project), Toyota is helping in the recovery effort. One of the more visible ways it’s doing so is providing the non-profit, founded in the wake of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, with a fleet of Tundras and Tacomas. For Houston, the Tundra Double Cab is a hometown hero, as every Tundra is assembled in nearby San Antonio, and was engineered in the U.S. to tackle the toughest of conditions.

And speaking of tough, the Tacoma Double Cab continues to follow in the path established by the Hilux/Truck, from its off-road capabilities tackling hurricane-damaged terrain to its durable construction. Both the Tacomas and Tundras in service with SBP are equipped with ladder racks for added cargo capacity, perfect for hauling the tools and supplies needed to help rebuild communities ravaged by nature’s worst.

Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

Of course, Toyota does more to serve the community beyond providing the right vehicles for the job. They also donate millions of dollars to various causes annually, while their employees volunteer their knowledge, skills, and time through the company’s internal program, Toyota4Good.

All combined, Toyota is and will always be there to help, whether it’s building a new park for kids to enjoy, or rebuilding and strengthening communities following a major disaster. So, the next time you see a Toyota with the slogan “Another Toyota Serving the Community,” you’ll know that you and your community are in good hands.

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