Toyota Camper: The Solution to NYC’s Insanely High Rent

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Big Apple rent prices range from absurd to downright robbery. But this old Toyota is the perfect hack for that.

If you’ve ever shopped for an apartment in New York City, you already know the drill. Even if you have what most people would consider a well-paying job, you’d be lucky to be able to afford a couple hundred square feet of modest living space. Probably something down a dark noisy alley. With a neighbor who plays the drums at 2am. And did we mention it smells like an old musty dumpster? Well, that’s because there’s one just outside your window. But one brilliant Toyota pickup owner seems to have found the perfect hack for ridiculous rent prices.

Jalopnik spotted the old camper-equipped Toyota while out, um, car spotting. And even if you ignore the obviously young host’s remarks about how this particular vehicle was probably built before he was born, it’s still an incredible find. The California plates are a clear indication of how it’s survived in such solid condition all these years. And it even has a beach parking pass, because who wouldn’t want to camp out by the ocean in this bad boy?
For something that’s obviously been driven and used for quite some time, this old Toyota is still in great shape. Minus the thousands of dead bugs littering the front end, of course. But more importantly, it makes the perfect solution for high NYC rent. For starters, it’s small enough to comfortably fit in these tight city parking spots. But the living space inside is equivalent to most overpriced flats.
Now, you’re probably asking yourself how this can be a bargain if you have to keep feeding the meter. But trust us, even the high cost of parking pales in comparison to rent prices. So kudos to this Toyota owner for that bit of genius. And for keeping this cool old relic alive!

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