The Story of One Man’s Toyota Pickup Obsession

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Toyota Pickup

Two tragedies threatened to end this YotaTech member’s Toyota pickup obsession. But he refuses to give up!

If you’re a regular around here at YotaTech, chances are you’ve already been bitten by the Toyota pickup bug. After all, this isn’t just a place for casual fans of the brand. Rather, it’s a place for rabid types who will do anything to feed their obsession for these nearly indestructible vehicles. But Yota Tech is also a place where you can share your story with other, like-minded folks. Which is exactly what cbr600f31997 did recently in this fascinating thread.

“I’ve been lurking here for a number of years and watching builds. I’ve also been stealing your cool ideas. So I figured it was about time I posted a little bit of my 4 truck, 9 year, first-gen obsession. It starts with this picture my dad showed me of him and his 1981 SR5 long bed that he got new. It was love at first sight, and I set out looking for one just like it.”

Toyota Pickup

Sounds familiar, no? Many of us got into the Toyota pickup scene the exact same way. But it took the OP a few years to finally realize his first-gen dreams.

“Some time around 2008 I found the truck that would take me on many adventures until about 2013. I did what any young man would do and started throwing every cent I made at it. Was doing stuff in the woods with my friends and learning a ton as I went about these rugged little rigs. I added tires and a newer style rim and had the bed lined. My best friend’s dad and I made a 10-gallon in-bed fuel tank so we could take long trips into the mountains.”

Toyota Pickup

But all of that fun stopped abruptly, albeit temporarily, when the OP’s beloved Toyota pickup was stolen.

“At some point I decided I needed more money for mods and such and joined the Navy. Ended up in San Diego with some of my best friends and kept wheeling and doing what I could to make the truck better.

Sadly, in 2012, my baby was stolen. Good news is, I did get her back. Bad news is, they beat her like a rented mule. New fenders, bumper, and so much work on the inside and eventually I could get back to upgrades and not repairs. Rock sliders and an OME lift kit and most of the parts for dual T-cases.”


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