Live out Your NASCAR Dreams in Bobby Labonte’s Toyota

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Well-preserved, real-deal NASCAR racer is up for auction and has everything any enthusiast needs to shake and bake at their local track.

Whether you’re into NASCAR racing or not, you’ve probably dreamed of one day getting your turn behind the wheel of a stock car. Because who wouldn’t want to swap paint and fight for glory at 200 miles per hour? To quote the great Ricky Bobby, who jokingly misquoted Eleanor Roosevelt, “America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.” And there’s nothing we’d rather shake and bake in than this 2012 Toyota Camry NASCAR racer!

And now, well, somebody’s going to get the chance to do just that. We spotted the sweet stock car at Vicari Auctions looking very much new despite its racing history. This particular car was actually driven by former NASCAR champion Bobby Labonte at Michigan International Raceway back in 2011. It was there that Labonte piloted it to a 22nd place finish. According to the seller, the Camry hasn’t been raced since 2012.


Despite that, this NASCAR racer looks essentially brand new. And unlike many former racers that get sold to the public, the original drivetrain is still there. So you get a 362 cubic inch V8, loaded with a laundry list of top shelf parts, pumping out 600 hp. It won’t take long to hit the rev limiter on this bad boy, meaning you’ll want to be quick banging through all four gears on the Jerico transmission.

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