Legendary Toyota Hilux Dakar Veteran Pops up for Sale

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Toyota Hilux

After amazingly finishing the 2018 Dakar Rally with two blown tires, this Toyota Hilux looks for a new owner.

Our dream of owning a full-on race truck might never come to fruition. Thanks to pesky barriers like cost, practicality, and a spouse who doesn’t necessarily share our dreams of endless desert hooning. But if it weren’t for those trivial little things, we’d be all over this incredible Toyota Hilux, which recently popped up for sale over at Race Cars Direct.

Toyota Hilux

After all, this is a truck that has competed in the legendary Dakar Rally the last five consecutive years. Even better, it finished this year’s rally with two blown rear tires! That, friends, is an incredible feat. And hey, according to the seller, it’s “one of the best serviced and reliable T1 class vehicles on the market.” Not to mention “easy and not expensive to assist, reliable and very fast vehicle.” It practically sells itself!

Toyota Hilux

The unstoppable Toyota Hilux is powered by a beefy Lexus IS F-sourced 5.0-liter V8. Equipped with  a Pectel/Cosworth engine management system, the reliable mill produces 340 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque. It’s backed up by an SADEV 6-speed sequential gearbox, as well as a Gemini Overdrive and Hallspeed differentials. The clutch is a beefy AP Racing Sinter metallic piece.

Toyota Hilux

Flying over hills and various other obstacles is easy thanks to a REIGER Suspension with 2 dampers per wheel. And when a coyote runs out in front of you, 6-piston calipers and AP Racing discs get the job done in a hurry. The ready-to-race Toyota Hilux also has Dakar essentials like a pair of EasyTrip rally computers and a 132-gallon ATL Safety FT3 fuel tank.

Toyota Hilux

And hey, it’s never even been in an accident! Well, except that one time the truck ran a portion of an off-road race with just two tires. Now all we need is $270k to cover the asking price!


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