Tacoma Truck Bed Camper Makes ‘Roughing It’ a Lot Smoother

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yotatech.com Leentu Tent for Toyota Tacoma

Leentu camper models are designed to fit 2005 and newer long-bed Toyota Tacomas.

Camping can be a lot of fun. You gather a bunch of friends, pile it into a vehicle, crank up the tunes, and get to the campsite, where you drink and tell stories and listen to music by the campfire. Pitching and erecting the tent? Eh, not that fun.

That’s why truck bed tents exist. Once they’re installed, they provide lodging that’s off the ground and more removed from ants and other creepy-crawly creatures. Leentu makes a couple of different models of its in-bed tent that specifically fit 2005 and newer Toyota Tacomas with a long bed (a glance at the Toyota accessories and parts website reveals that the automaker doesn’t offer one).

yotatech.com Leentu Tent for Toyota Tacoma

Leentu has a target weight of under 150 pounds for the composite model; it’s aiming for under 100 pounds with the carbon fiber model. Both tent variations are designed to be set up and broken down by two people in a matter of minutes. They feature weatherproof shells, zippered windows, exterior and interior LEDs, and more than six feet of interior standing room, as well as a ventilation fan and high-density foam mattress. The composite tent is pre-wired for a solar panel; the carbon fiber Leentu comes with an integrated 60-watt panel. Power outlets include five-volt USB charge ports, a 120-volt AC receptacle, and a 12-volt auxiliary port.

Leentu pricing starts at $10,295 for the composite model and goes up to $13,995 for the carbon fiber unit. Leentu is offering discounts off of the final retail prices in exchange for early deposits.

Leentu will begin shipping tents in Q4 of this year. If all goes according to the company’s plans, it’ll start producing finished versions of its models for short-bed Tacomas in early 2019.

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