Humorous Toyota Ad Pokes Back at Chevy Colorado

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There’s a big difference between ‘all-terrain’ and ‘mall-terrain,’ after all!

The Toyota Tacoma has dominated mid-size pickup sales for quite some time now. And even when Chevrolet and Ford abandoned the segment, Toyota’s refusal to give up has obviously paid off. So it was a bit curious when Chevy declared the Colorado ZR2 a “Segment of One” upon its launch last year. Essentially, this tagline completely ignored the fact that Toyota had offered various TRD packages on the Tacoma for years.

Sounds like fighting words, no? And even though Toyota didn’t really need to respond to such a ridiculous and short-sighted claim, at least one dealership chose to. In this hilarious commercial from Toyota of Portsmouth, we get to see the Colorado reduced to total mall crawler status.

Toyota Tacoma

While a group of cool guys in a Tacoma enjoy a little spirited off-roading, a bunch of chumps in Colorado attempt to navigate speed bumps in a parking lot. Leading to the claim that while the Tacoma is “all terrain,” the Colorado is “mall terrain.”

Funny? Yes. Slightly exaggerated? Absolutely. But all’s fair in the mid-size pickup wars, yes? We especially love the little details in the well-thought out clip. Like the Colorado passenger who attempts to keep from spilling his latte as they slowly overtake a speed bump. After which he lets out a little “woo.”

Toyota Tacoma

Meanwhile, the cool guys in the Tacoma fly over a dirt road and through a huge mud puddle with no problem. All the while, the voice-over dude touts the many cool features of the Toyota. None of which you’ll find on the “mall crawling” Colorado.

We’re guessing that if/when Chevy execs see this, they’ll probably think twice about “forgetting” about their competition ever again!

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