Here’s Proof of Why You Should Modify Your Tacoma

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Check out Matt Farah’s “oddball street truck,” which is supercharged for street use but just as badass off road.

Pickup trucks are seen as heavy-duty machines that are built to do everything under the sun, in addition being enjoyable on a back road. Trucks are good at off-roading, hauling large items, carrying cargo in their bed, and even handling the daily commute. It’s the same thing for Toyota Tacomas, but with the added bonus of having bulletproof reliability. Well this owner, decided not to go down the regular rabbit hole of modifying his truck to go off-roading but to be more enjoyable in the corners.

2011 Toyota Tacoma

Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire got to experience an unordinary, modified 2011 Toyota Tacoma and found it to be surprisingly good. The “oddball street truck” is a supercharged four-cylinder Tacoma that’s been further modified with an exhaust system, Bilstein sport suspension, a short-shifter kit, beefier brakes, as well as Nitto Motivo tires and Toyota X Runner wheels. While the modifications may sound like they ruin the pickup, they actually endow it with another character.

2011 Toyota Tacoma

Farah took one walk around the truck and shrugged it off. A modified four-cylinder Tacoma? It can’t be that good, right? Well, the pickups a lot better than he thought, and a lot better than it sounds on paper. Plus with 230 horsepower going through a manual transmission, the pickup is actually pretty quick and fun to drive.

2011 Toyota Tacoma

To hear all of Farah’s thoughts on the pickup, check out his video. And for drivers that are looking for things to do to their truck, this video may push you down the hole of making a canyon carver. And the Tacoma, as Farah found, is a great starting point because, after roughly 200,000 miles of daily driving, the pickup still looks and drives like it’s brand new.

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