How-to: Hella Rallye 4000 Lights Converted to HID

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2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro for the Baja

Can you ever have enough light while off-road at night? We can’t! So, we opted to make an already good light, a great light.

We came across a pair of Hella Rallye 4000 Lights lying around the shop, so we opted to convert them to HID and bring them back to life. Each light is 8” round and comes in a cornering beam pattern. The tired stock halogen bulbs are rated at 100 watts, but we chunked those quickly and picked up a plug-n-play HID kit online. The PnP HID kit came with 35 watt H1 bulbs with a color temp of 4300K. We already had a wiring harness in the shop, so we just reused it. And we used a universal PnP HID Kit.


With that said, we won’t get into how to wire auxiliary lights; there’s plenty of guides online for that. Instead, we want to show you how to take a pair of worn out lights and convert them to HID. It’s a simple conversion and the results are well worth it.

STEP 1: Remove the black outside housing from the light assembly; then remove the halogen bulb itself.

 Step 1A: Simply insert the new HID H1 bulb.

Step 1B: Drill a small hole into the back of the housing to accommodate the new larger HID bulb.

Step 1C: With the bulbs installed, reinstall the housing onto the light assembly. Reinstall the grommet and seal it with black RTV silicone. This will prevent water from leaking through the newly drilled holes. Repeat the same steps above to the second light and you’re done with Phase 1.

Step 2: Mount your lights and wiring them. We opted to mount both HID ballasts behind the grille.

Step 2A: Mount both lights.

All done. Time to test them out.

Once night came, we took them out on a trail. We stood 40 feet out front and took this shot. Could not see a thing for a minute or so afterwards.

Now the real test. We pulled up to an entrance of a nearby trail. We knew there was a hill some 300 feet away, but as you can see, only the tree line tells you it’s close. Stock headlights are no help here.

Flipped the switch to turn on the Hellas, and wow, what a difference!

All in all, this was a simple conversion and took very little time to complete. If you find yourself with a pair of worn out off road lights lying around, put them to good use and convert them to HID!

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