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Co_94_PU 12-21-2017 02:20 PM

New mobile stylesheet/layout
Visually it is new and something we will get used to, however functionally it is not an improvement.

The new posts feature in particular. You used to be taken to the newest unread post where you could continue through the thread. Now you can either go to the very last post, by selecting the lower section "last post", or the #1 post by selecting the (larger) thread title section. Which forces us to scroll either forward or backwards to a post we recognize where we can pickup the conversation. This is a waste of time for us and a waste of resources (bandwidth) for IB/Yotatech.

I don't want to have to hunt for unread posts, some of these threads are hundreds of pages long. Some of us are old and a little forgetful. An active discussion can grow several pages in a day (again time and resources)

Corey 12-25-2017 08:01 AM

I feel your pain
This is why for every forum I am on, I do not use a mobile app.
If surfing from my phone, I use the regular full webpage view.
I think mobile apps for forum reading suck.

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