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corax 02-15-2009 07:40 AM

OHV park creation in NC
got my email sent - OK, c'mon guys . . . it's as simple as sending an email, just copy/paste the addresses (bottom of this post)and the sample letter (next post) and click "send" - if NC gets a park and all goes well, neighboring states may begin to notice and follow their example. It'd be nice to have more than 1 or 2 choices on the entire east coast

Please help by sending a email. Even if you do not live in NC you can pass your opion along becuase you could bring revenu to NC.

The following excerpt is taken from N.C. Senate Bill 45* which has been filed and is currently under consideration by the Senate Commerce Committee. It is up to YOU as to whether we get these two parks or not! If you do not send emails to your state Senators who are considering this bill it will be YOU who kept us from getting these parks!

GS 20-63.4. North Carolina Off-Road Vehicle Recreation Program
(a) There shall be created within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources a North Carolina Off-Road Vehicle Recreation Program to coordinate the planning, development, and management of public off-road vehicle recreation areas, parks, trails, and facilities.
(b) In consultation with the State land managing agencies, off-road vehicle organizations, the off-road vehicle industry, and environmental organizations, the North Carolina Off-Road Vehicle Recreation Program shall review the inventory of public lands to determine the feasibility of providing public access for off-road vehicle recreation and trails. The Department shall provide a report to the 2010 Regular Session of the 2009 General Assembly by March 1, 2010. The report should include at least two appropriate locations for public access for off-road vehicle recreational use and the applicable cost of providing each facility. The cost section of the report shall fully explain the fiscal approach of renovating, maintaining, and operating each site and include a recommended fee structure to support the ongoing maintenance and operation of the program. The report shall also include the benefits
and risks of offering each site for off-road vehicle recreational use.

email EVERY member of the Commerce Committee voicing your support for this bill. Tell them you would like for them to pass it with a modification to what constitutes an "off-highway vehicle". Your email should contain the following wording according to Carla Boucher, legal counsel for United Four Wheel Drive Assn and Southern Four Wheel Drive Assn, "Off-highway vehicle" or "OHV" means any off-road motorcycles, three or four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, four wheel drive motor vehicles intended by the user or owner to be used in recreational pursuits, or dune buggies. "

If we want this to pass and want full size off highway vehicles to be included in it we MUST act. Here is a list of the Commerce Committee members and email addresses. email EVERY one! If we snooze, we lose!

Senate Standing Committee - Commerce

Chairman - Sen. R.C. Sproles, Jr (Dem) -Tabor City, NC - [email protected]
Vice Chairman - Sen. David W. Hoyle (Dem) - Dallas, NC - [email protected]
Vice Chairman - Sen. Floyd B. McKissick (Dem) - Durham, NC - [email protected]
Vice Chairman - Sen. Tony Rand (Dem) - Fayetteville, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Tom Apodaca (Rep) - Hendersonville, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Philip E. Berger (Rep) - Eden, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Doug Berger (Dem) - Youngsville, N C - [email protected]
Sen. Harris Blake (Rep) - Pinehurst, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Julia Boseman (Dem) - Wilmington, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Peter S. Brunstetter (Rep) - Lewisville, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Debbie A. Clary (Rep) - Shelby, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Katie G. Dorsette (Dem) - Greensboro, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Tont Foriest (Dem) - Graham, NC - [email protected]
Sen. James Forrester (Rep) - Stanley, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Linda Garrou (Dem) - Winston-Salem, NC - [email protected]
Sen. W. Edward (Eddie) Goodall (Rep) - Matthews, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Steve Goss (Dem) - Boone, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Malcom Graham (Dem) - Charlotte, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Neal Hunt (Rep) - Raleigh, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Jim Jacumin (Rep) - Connelly Springs. NC - [email protected]
Sen. Clark Jenkins (Dem) - Tarboro, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Vernon Malone (Dem) - Raleigh, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Martin L. Nesbitt (Dem) - Asheville, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Willian R. Purcell (Dem) - Laurinburg, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Joe Sam Queen (Dem) - Waynesville, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Bob Rucho (Rep) - Matthews, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Larry Shaw (Dem) - Fayetteville, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Josh Stein (Dem) - Raleigh, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Richard Stevens (Rep) - Cary, NC - [email protected]
Sen. Don Vaughn (Dem) - Greensboro, NC - [email protected]

Just sent an email to ALL of them. Below is their email addresses all together so that you can copy and paste them into your email.

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

corax 02-15-2009 07:41 AM

Dear Senator,

I am writing this to all the Senators on the Commerce Committee, asking you to support Senate Bill 45*, which, according to The North Carolina General Assembly web site, is now under consideration by the Commerce Committee.

We have an odd happenstance here, in my opinion. At a time when national interest in preserving the environment is extremely strong, we also have a huge growth in Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) ownership and use. These two interests have continued to collide over the last couple of years as the swelling OHV usership seeks areas to enjoy their sport while environmental activists try to protect our natural resources and environment.

In this bill you have a unique opportunity to bring the two disparate groups together! Passage of this bill would be a forward step in providing OHV access in an environmentally sound environment. Creation of The OHV Trust Fund and implementation of the bill would allow our state to be on the forefront of a movement to provide environmental friendly, properly designed and managed OHV recreation areas for the citizens of North Carolina!

I also would like to urge you to emend the wording of the bill as it pertains to OHVs. All terrain vehicles (ATVs) and motorcycles are not the only users of OHV trails. Many full size, four wheel drive vehicles such as Jeeps are also used in an OHV manner as well as dune buggies, and with the proliferation of the sport, custom built chassis off road vehicles. I would like to add these OHVs to the bill by emending the wording to read; "Off-highway vehicle" or "OHV" means any off-road motorcycles, three or four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, four wheel drive motor vehicles intended by the user or owner to be used in recreational pursuits, custom chassis rock crawlers, or dune buggies. "

Thank you for your consideration of this bill which would be beneficial not only to the OHV community but while providing environmentally sound OHV recreation would also speak to North Carolina's forward thinking in environmental/recreation issues on a national level!

Thanks for your help

corax 02-16-2009 02:37 PM

I'm starting to get some responses back . . .

Thank you for writing about Senate Bill 45. I believe the proposal has great merit, and I plan to support the bill when it comes up for a vote.

Phil Berger
Thank you for your email. Senator Queen is no longer on this committee but we will keep your concerns in mind.

Bastard, thank you for your message. I will certainly consider your thoughts when we consider this legislation.

Neal Hunt
Senate Republican Deputy Leader
Wake County (District 15)
919 781-3464

c'mon guys . . . it's just an email, let's get this moving, even if you don't live in NC, every bit helps

truckdude239 08-19-2009 10:13 AM

is this still open or did they vote already?

corax 08-19-2009 05:18 PM

not 100% sure, here's the page on its status

If you click on either of the bill links under "TEXT" it'll open the full text version of the bill. At the very bottom it says:
"SECTION 6. This act becomes effective July 1, 2009."
But under "History" is only has the filing date and not much else

Send an email to one of your Reps / Sens listed above and ask

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