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Sidemarker Installation - 3rd Gen 4Runner ('01)

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Sidemarker Installation - 3rd Gen 4Runner ('01)

Sidemarker Installation - 3rd Gen 4Runner ('01)
By LSUMatt1514

Matt (LSUMatt1514 on the forums) shows you how he installed some sidemarker lamps on his 3rd gen 4Runner.

Tools and Materials Required:
2 Volkswagen Sidemarker Lamps (Part Number 1J0-949-117)
2 Volkswagen Sidemarker Bulb Housing/Harness (Part Number 6X1-971-273-A)
2 Super White 194 Wedge Bulbs (Optional)
Standard Cutting Discs
Sanding Drums (Quite a Few)
Metal Nibbler
Masking Tape
Electrical Tape
GE Silicon Sealant
Crimping Tool
Crimp Connectors
Cable Ties
Flex Loom
Fine Point Sharpie
Coat Hanger
Piece of Sheet Metal
Tape Measurer
Bucket (To Sit On)

When you look at the back of the lamp, it will look like this.

The left side I will refer to as the “teeth side” and the right side I will refer to as the “spring side.” You will notice that there are eight plastic tabs around the perimeter of the lamp. These have to come off if you want a flush fit. Take out your Dremel and one of the sanding drums, and shave off these tabs. Try to get them as close to flush as possible.

You can start the install directly on the vehicle, or practice first using a piece of sheet metal. I highly recommend practicing first and making your template out of a piece of thin sheet metal. It makes it much easier to trace the outline onto the fender. Follow the steps below for the installation to make your template. It should look like this.

Start by pressing your template against the fender, using the level to make sure its level. When I send you the template, one end will be labeled “teeth side” and one “spring side.” Use a fine point sharpie to trace the outline onto the fender. Be sure to use a fine point sharpie, not a regular one. The line will be too fat if you do.

Next, tape the outline of the template. I applied it pretty heavy for safety sake.

Use one of the standard cutting discs on your Dremel and make the following cut.

Now, use the metal nibbler (available at any Radio Shack) to “nibble” your way out towards the edges. Don’t get too close though. You don't want to cut out too much. After you are satisfied, pull out the Dremel again and attach one of the sanding drums. You will need quite a few of these. Carefully, sand your way towards the outline. This makes the install really easy. Trust yourself, it's not hard at all!!

I forgot to take a picture of the final cutout, but you get the idea by the template. You will have to do a little “fine tuning” with the sanding drums to insure a proper fit, just take your time and be very meticulous. Each time you sand a little, slide the lamp into the cutout to see how it fits. However, do not push it all the way in, or it will be difficult to get out. The template I made is really close to perfect, so you should have a good fit if you use it.

Now that your hole is cut, you will need to feed your wires through the fender. There are two existing holes that provide perfect access to the engine bay. Grab your coat hanger and cut out a section as pictured above. Bend it into an “L” shape so that you can feed it through the fender. The driver's side access is here.

The passenger side access is here.

Plug the harness into the back of the lamps and wrap the wires around the hanger. It is really easy to feed the wires through both of these openings.

Route the wires through the engine bay. Cover them with flex loom and tie wrap them as you see fit. Run the passenger side wires to the passenger side turn signal and the driver's side wires to the driver's side turn signal.

You're now ready to pop the lamp into place in the fender. You may have a really small gap between the back of the lamp and the fender, but don't worry. I used some GE clear silicon to protect the exposed metal. Apply a thin bead around the lamp and work it into the gap. Wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the results.

Here are a couple of pics with the lamps popped into place and sealed.

Now it's time to wire them up. The Volkswagen wires are green/black and brown. Brown is ground and green/black is positive. Remove the turn signal bulb and cut away the insulation. There are two wires leading to the turn signal bulb, green/yellow and white/black. Use your crimps and crimping tool and splice the green/black VW wire into the green/yellow Toyota wire. Splice the brown VW wire into the white/black Toyota wire. Wrap your connections with electrical tape for protection.

You're done!! Hop inside, turn the key, and fire up those sidemarkers. It's a really easy mod if you practice first and it will add a lot to the look of your 4Runner. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

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