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Swampwalker 01-08-2019 09:11 AM

ISO 01' stock intake/box + BCM
Dropped my intake and cracked the air-box inside the filtered area, also have dry rotted/cracked rubber T-body coupling that is going to leak air soon so need these parts of the intake.

Also need a Body Control Module after getting mine a little wet in a mud-hole (water came up to steering wheel and got it wet). I need the non VATS/chip key BCM part number 82730-35310, comes out of the kick panel above left knee along with fuse box.

Not super critical, was going to get parts together to fix it this spring. I'll probably hit a junkyard if no one has the BCM but I've had good luck finding parts here.


Swampwalker 01-21-2019 08:29 AM


Swampwalker 02-14-2019 03:14 PM


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