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deaths_demise 10-10-2005 01:59 AM

sporatic missfire
i have a 22re in my 86 4 runner and i have just completely adjusted the timing (chain and dist). i still have this regular but random miss going on... has ne one had this prob be 4. i was told it could be bad wires in my electrical system or sensors. my check engine light i know works but it is not on, so i am skeptical about it being a sensor, but would love some input from ne one that has had a problem like this before

Elton 10-12-2005 04:59 PM

sparkplugs and wires ?

seaflea 10-12-2005 05:07 PM

My check engine light comes on for only a few seconds and then turns off in my 87. I have the same problem. It is the O2 sensor in mine. I usually just take it out and clean it up and the problem is gone for about 6 months or so.

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