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cadman 10-29-2005 11:01 PM

remanufactured 3.0L recommendations
Finally, the time is drawing near to replace my dead engine, hopefully within the next month. There are a couple Jasper installers close by but I'd like to get other recommendations too before plunking down 4-5k. Who else does 3.0 remans? I don't have the time or space to do the installation myself, so I'm looking for a reputable shop in my neck of the woods, Orange County, California, to do the job. A dealer would be last on my list because of the cost factor.

I'm definitely going with a reman not a rebuild, and I'm also sticking with the 3.0, no engine swap (3.0-3.4). I've only heard good things about Jasper engines but I want to see if theres someone better out there. Doesn't hurt to shop around.

Thanks in advance,

dwh91102 10-30-2005 02:18 AM

If you have anyway of getting the motor out yourself, and taking it to a engine builder you'll save a bunchhhhhhhhhhh of money. A engine builder can build you a nice motor between $2000-2500. Not sure about jasper's quality, but I know there $$$$$$$$$. I did mine myself, but I wish I would have done the 3.4 swap, I prob. would have saved money. Just my .02

cadman 10-30-2005 09:46 AM

I appreciate your .02 cents :cheers:

When I last priced a Jasper it was about $3400.00, not cheap. With labor and parts I'm probably looking at close to $5k. A couple years ago I did get some quotes for rebuilds and they were all around $5k. The engine had 108,000 boat towing miles (previous owner) when I bought it and I've put on an additional 90,000 offroad and trips up to Mammoth Mountain & Snow Summit miles. There are also obvious signs that the previous owner did some sort of engine work, ie: non oem RTV sealer in the engine.
I would rather pay the $2k - $2.5k difference between a rebuild and reman and get what is essentially an almost new engine, however if anyone can give me a good reference for a local engine rebuilder, I'm still open to that.

As far as the 3.4 swap, that was my original plan but after carefully researching everything the cost started climbing rather quickly. Besides the engine, I would need the tranny, new exhaust system, mods to fit the drivetrain to the tranny, minor interior work (console), etc... , and a good condition 3.4 is getting harder to find now.

I don't have the time to do this myself, so I look at it as doing my part to contribute to the economy, help keep a mechanic employed at least for another job.


Snorkeldepth 10-30-2005 11:10 AM

Hey CM,

Nice to see a fellow OC YotaTechie. I did a lot of reading/research myself and decided to go with a Jasper and have Chris at Rock Tech Offroad do the install. I did hear one piece of bad information from someone here. But, I followed up on that and feel confident that they make a quality product. I'm just waiting for Downey to fill their ceramic header orders and I'm pulling the trigger. Don't buy their engine kit. It comes with non-OEM parts. Phil @ TRDparts4U is the MAN when it comes to helping us out in situations like this!!! :rockon: PM me if you want more details.

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