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HELP! Huge oil leak passenger side 3vze

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HELP! Huge oil leak passenger side 3vze

So after I changed my oil today and drove around a bit I noticed a huge pile of oil under the passenger side after I parked. Oil pressure was good when I first started driving. Unforunately I haven't been able to get a great look because I was actually enroute for my work week...I only noticed it because usually my oil pressure is right in the middle, and then even going uphill with rpms at about 2600 I noticed the pressure starting to dip below the lowest quarter. I checked the level and it was low low low, and oil basically pouring out from the passanger side/below the power steering pump. I have also had a power steering leak since I've owned the truck, so it's been hard to diagnose why the passenger side is all greasy...though I have been assuming it was from the ps. Fortunately I kept feeding it oil and the engine still runs like a top, no damage so far. But it ate 3 quarts to keep the oil level just above half only driving 70 miles Heat is all good, no coolant in oil or vice versa. 211,000 on the veezy. I mostly just am looking for pointers as what to inspect first over there? It really is just pouring out, right after I shut the engine off. Help. I want to a diesel swap, but wasn't planning on it quite yet.
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Don't know if you changed the oil filter as well, but if you did, be sure the filter gasket from the old filter came out with the filter. A "doubled up" gasket will eventually leak pretty good.
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The oil filter is on the driver's side of a 3VZE.

Let me see: you changed the oil, noticed a huge pile of oil under the truck, then drove it 70 miles?

I know of no oil fitting under the power steering pump, but there are lots of places things can leak. (The oil pump wraps around the crankshaft). To find them, you have get things clean first. Usually, I say you have to get it clean enough to eat off, but in your case, you just need to find the gusher. In any case, your best bet is a can of spray engine degreaser and a garden hose. Do your best to clean it up (a good job is very little more work than a half-assed one). Start it, and look closely. You want to catch it just as it starts leaking, as the pool of oil will conceal the source.

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