YotaTech believes in the "Tread Lightly" concept of responsible 4wheeling.
This means driving responsively while off road, and do not give others a chance to give off roaders a bad name, thus leading to trail closures.

To learn more about responsible off roading, the "Tread Lightly" organization has excellent tips and more on their site.

Here is a link to some good guidelines they have on their site.
Principles For Responsible Recreation

Here is a PDF file that pertains to 4wheeling vehicles.
Tips For Responsible 4Wheeling
If you need the Adobe PDF reader, you can download it from here.

YotaTech would also like to add that it is not good idea to be consuming alcoholic beverages off road.
The same rules apply off road as they do on road.

As far as passengers are concerned, you never know when you might get called to help out with a problem.
Everyone should be in control and sober while out on a 4x4 run.

Drinking and driving off road gives the people ammunition who want to shut down the lands we drive on and see our sport go way.
If you must drink, please save it for the campfire at night after everyone is back from wheeling, or until you get home if out for the day.

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