Toyota FJ Cruiser ‘Hot Rod’ Wows Crowd at Carlisle

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Toyota FJ Cruiser

We’ve seen a lot of cool and unusual rides in our time, but never anything as wild as this rodded FJ Cruiser.

We’ve seen some weird and wacky stuff in our years on this giant rock, that’s for sure. But while perusing the thousands of vehicles on display at this year’s Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals, we came across perhaps the strangest thing we’ve ever seen. Yes, we’re talking about this wacky Toyota FJ Cruiser “hot rod,” a ‘ute so insane that you’d think the legendary George Barris built it.

This isn’t exactly the first time someone has transformed an off-road vehicle into a street machine, of course. There are quite a few rodded out vintage Willys Jeeps out there, and even a slammed four-wheel drive pickup or two. Heck, somebody even hot rodded an old FJ40. But a modern day Toyota FJ Cruiser? This has got to be a first. At least, it’s the first one we’ve seen in this wacky, wacky world.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

And we have to admit, we aren’t even totally hating it. The chopped up front end actually looks pretty good surrounded by those ’30s-style front fenders. The exposed engine is a nod to the street rod era, as is the chopped top. There’s a load of fabrication work here, and it’s obviously top notch. But the end result is certainly more beach cruiser than anything else, especially given the bright color combo.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

This wild Toyota FJ Cruiser is just an example of the cool and interesting things we saw at this year’s Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals. So if you find yourself seeking out unique rides (as well as more conventional ones), you might want to mark it on your calendar for next year. You can find more information on the annual event, as well as Carlisle’s 11 other shows, by heading over here.

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