Like Tonka Trucks? You’ll Love this 1972 FJ40

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Folks often buy grownup toys that remind them of their youth. If that’s the case, this Tonka-inspired Toyota Land Cruiser is an absolute dream.

Boys and girls alike enjoy a good ‘ole tough vehicle to transport their toys in. Whether it’s boys stuffing G.I. Joes in their Tonka trucks, or girls taking their Barbies to the “beach” in a Jeep Sahara, few toys are more popular than four-wheeled ones. The thing is that as we grow up, so do our toys!


This 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 is the perfect example of that. This pristine machine has been completely rebuilt and outfitted by the FJ Company, which is based in sunny Miami. Much like the masterful creations by ICON, this little ‘Yota has been taken apart, loved, massaged, and then made stronger and prettier. Once the process of strengthening and beautification is completed, everything is put back together and sold for a hefty price.

This particular 1972 model may be inspired by Tonka trucks, but the owner of this fully custom beauty chose the copper metallic paint color as a sort of “retro hot rod” tribute. Hot rod or not, we think it looks pretty stunning. The exquisite paint scheme extends into the interior, as well as the jerry can mounted on the spare tire carrier. It’s the little touches that truly make the difference.

In order to conquer the most challenging trails (if you dare take it on the rocks), this FJ is powered by a 3F-E inline-six motor, and a tried-and-true 5-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, this bad boy rolls on Mickey Thompson wheels with Cooper Discoverer A/T3 tires.


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