6X6 Land Cruiser 79 Will Help You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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Mercedes-Benz gave us the 6X6, and now Patriot Campers shows us a different way to play. Is it all show or can it really offroad?

The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series is forbidden fruit for us here in the United States. Toyota started building the 70 series in 1984 and has never imported it to America. The 79 series is a unique model that is part pickup truck. A company in Australia, Patriot Campers, has built an amazing 6X6 machine out of a standard Land Cruiser 79. 4X4 Australia had a chance to check out this newly built beast, in person and on the trails.

Patriot Campers

This amazing build uses portal axles to allow articulation of the rear wheels. This is a similar setup to the Mercedes-Benz 6X6.  We are sure the Mercedes-Benz gave them inspiration on this project. Patriot Campers built out all aspects of the truck to improve the all terrain abilities and provide the comforts for long distance traveling. This series 79 came from the factory with front, center, and rear locking differentials. Patriot has just had to add an extra one for the new rear axle. So it is capable, but is it comfortable?

Patriot Camper 6x6

The interior has updates that take it from a basic farm tractor, to a luxury leather wrapped cabin. On the exterior, LED lights are added all around to help with visibility at camp and on the trail. New storage and amenities were custom built to allow more food and camp supplies. Also, two new gas tanks under the pick up bed allow for long distance trips between fuel stops. Finally, the diesel V8 under the hood has had many power upgrades and now puts out over 500 horsepower.


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There is not much that would stop this truck, which is why it is the perfect Zombie Apocalypse vehicle. We here at Yotatech.com aren’t saying the zombies are coming, but if they ever do, we hope one of these is in our garage. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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