Oh Deer! Slightly Damaged ’99 Tacoma for Sale in YotaTech Forums

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1999 Toyota Tacoma

Despite a run-in with Bambi, this Tacoma is a solid truck that could be a great fixer-upper. 

YotaTech forum member Riptide recently listed his 1999 Toyota Tacoma TRD for sale. Riptide had an experience that many can relate to, he hit a deer which did some fairly substantial damage to the truck’s front end.

However, despite the damage, the 6-cylinder automatic 4×4 has a lot to offer. And for only $3,000, it’s a pretty good deal. It is being sold in the Richmond, Virginia area, so if this sounds like the Taco for you, you might want to check this truck out.

Interior 99 Tacoma

We’ll let Riptide tell the tale.

“Hit a deer a few months back which all but destroyed the 2001 front end I put on there. I used the truck primarily to take my dirt bike and motorcycle up and down the east coast. I don’t do that stuff anymore. I did most of the work on the truck since owning it, but I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with this one. Owned it since 2010 and got it from the original owner with 140k.”

“I also just put brand new (less than 1000 miles) Toyo tires ($800, have receipt) and had the frame serviced and protected at Winchester /ORI Supplies along with new rear Bilstein shocks and leaf springs ($2300, have receipt). I’d say everything is solid except the front suspension, which are the original Bilsteins. They felt bouncy and I was going to replace them myself before hitting the deer. Otherwise the motor has zero issues, as did everything else. Maintenance was religiously kept up with. New axle seals, rotors, brake pads, all fluids…all done in less than 1k miles. The ‘Check Engine’ light is on because of the commonly known emissions canister issue. The ABS light is new, that started after the deer.”

99 Tacoma

“Feel free to bring a code reader (I’m not sure what codes are being thrown since hitting the deer). Feel free to bring a compression tester as well. A rough list of parts needed will include a core radiator support, radiator, cooling fan, hood, grill, and all the front end cosmetic pieces. I’m sure some cutting and welding will be needed. The radiator is actually jammed into the cooling fan on the front of the motor, which is causing the motor to sputter. I therefore do not start it up. If you want to see it run, then it really just needs to be that last consideration. Including pictures of before and after. Comes with the alloy rims etc. I just need to get back what I recently put into it, so $3000. She has the potential to be a beautiful truck again. Sold as is.”

If you are interested in a nice project truck, check out Riptide’s listing, which includes a lot of helpful pictures. And if you are looking to buy or sell any gear, be sure to join the forums!

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