ARB Creates Toyota Tacoma that McGyver Would Own

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ARB Tacoma

Famed aftermarket builder creates monstrously cool Tacoma with front and rear winches, air lockers and safari snorkel.

The Toyota Tacoma has been around in the United States for quite some time, and while the pickup is good at a lot of different things, it’s not the best machine for those looking to do some serious off-roading. Luckily for Tacoma owners, ARB, which is known for building some awesome Toyota Hilux trucks in Australia, recently revealed all of its goodies for the Tacomas.

The list, as you’d expect, is quite lengthy. New features include: air lockers; front and rear winch bars, side rails and steps; LED lights; a safari snorkel; and BP-51 suspension. In other words, this is a go-anywhere, do anything pickup that MacGyver himself would pilot.

ARB Tacoma

Going over every single piece of kit on this Tacoma would take a long time, and be a little boring. But there are some really cool things that we feel compelled to point out. The air lockers, to begin with, ensure that all fours are spinning, something that’s important when one or even two tires are aimlessly spinning in the air.

“This makes for an incredible vehicle off-road,” says ARB 4×4 Accessories rep Buddy King in a new clip on the YouTube channel ARB4X4USA. “With the front and rear air lockers they climb like a mountain goat.” And as we know, mountain goats are the best climbers of them all. But sometimes, even goats get stuck on hills, which is where the front and rear winches come in handy.

ARB Tacoma

The massive ARB Intensity lights that are attached to the front are like a miniature sun, lighting the way forward for the driver. “These two lights will give you, at 60 to 75 mph, about 15 seconds of forward view,” says ARB4X4USA. Good luck trying to outrun these things, as it would take insane speeds to do so, roughly 120 mph, claims the company. And if your neighborhood suffers a blackout, you could also use them as a miniature powerhouse.

Sharing a lot of the same components as its Australian counterpart, it wouldn’t be possible to offer a complete kit without a Safari Airmax snorkel. “This takes air and pressurizes the air intake, so not only is it giving you cleaner colder air, but pressurizes the air box to help performance,” says ARB4X4USA. Not to mention that it will also help drivers cross large bodies of water.

This is one incredible truck and MacGyver would absolutely love it, because it would give him the ability to go anywhere, do anything, and all its secret compartments would give him the ability to carry a lot of paper clips and duct tape.

Photos: ARB4X4USA

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