Aisin Manual Hubs Installed On A 2nd Gen 4Runner
(Also Applies To '86 to '95 Trucks & 4Runners)

Corey (metal22lica on the forums) shows you how he installed a set of Aisin manual hubs on his 4Runner to replace the ADD hubs.
Going to manual hubs frees up a lot of stress & strain on the CV shafts and boots.
Also this is highly recommended if you ever plan on cranking up your torsion bars to achieve some added lift up front.
Your CVs will love your for the new hubs if you lift.

Tools Required:
Socket set
Hammer & brass drift for cone washer removal
Torque wrench
Floor jack, safety stands

Parts Required:
43422-60010 Gasket - this is the gasket between the axle hub and the Aisin hub body.
43531-60010 Gasket - star gasket between the hub body and cover
Make sure you get the gaskets from the dealerships or have some kind of material to make some with.

I also picked up some stainless steel bolts and washers from Lowe's.
M6-1.0x16MM Stainless Steel bolts ( buy 3 packs with 5 bolts each in them)
#12 Stainless Steel washers to go with the bolts (buy 3 packs with 5 washers each in them)

I also got some paint thinner and some paint to paint the hubs with.

Here is a pic of the things I used to rebuild the hubs.

First I started by tearing the hubs down and rebuilding them.  Everyone said be careful and keep track of the ball and spring in the dial, so I made sure to take a picture of it.

I won't go much into detail about cleaning them since there are so many other articles on this already.
Here is a good PDF file on how to break them down.
You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the above file.

Here is a pic of mine somewhat broken down to be greased up.

A pic of them greased up and ready to go.

A pic of my hubs all painted and ready to go.
I painted them all black and before I put a clear coat on them, I used sand paper to scratch off the wording so it would stick out.

So being done with all of that, its time to install them.  First I started out by removing the wheel to make it easier.
Then I removed the 6 12mm bolts and washers.  Then I took off the gold cap and the 12mm gold bolt that was underneath it.
The cone washers can be a pain, but I couple of good whacks with a hammer to the outside edge of the ADD hub made them pop out.
I also used a screwdriver to help pry off the ADD hub.  Here is a pic of what is should look like once you do all these things.

Now its time to put the Aisins on.
First place the gasket on and then slide the bottom of the hub on.
I had to turn the gears to get it to go on.
I then put the cone washers, other washers, and bolts back on.
The torque setting for these bolts is 25 ft lb.

Next I put the 12mm gold bolt back on, and torqued it to 13 ft lb.
Now it's time to put the top of the Aisin hub on.
Make sure that its set to free and that you place the gasket on it.
Now tighten the 10mm bolts that hold the top on to 9 ft lb with your torque wrench.

Now its time to test them. I used a method that I got from another Tech Article.
To check for proper engagement, dial both hubs to LOCK and raise the front left corner of the vehicle off the ground.
Spin the lifted tire.  The driveline will turn if the hub is engaged properly.

To check for proper disengagement, dial the lifted wheel to FREE and spin the lifted wheel.
If the driveline does not turn and no ratcheting sound is heard, the hub is disengaging properly.
Repeat these steps for the right wheel and hub.

If you choose to do this mod good luck, and if you have any questions  (metal22lica) on the Yotatech Forum.

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