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  1. got ahold of 1985 SR5 buckets and they are INSTALLED!
  2. 3.0 Almost finished, but what are these wires...
  3. Puling block on 22re pickup
  4. Alternator grounded out - blown fuse?
  5. are the lead cones that hold the front hub assembly on reusable?
  6. 1st gen what would you do? (engine rebuild question)
  7. valve shims/Mossy Toyota Sucks
  8. Whats a good clutch for a 2wd street truck?
  9. engine code help
  10. My PCV valve nightmare!
  11. 22re Rebuild Video
  12. 1st gen 4runner suspension questions.
  13. Gaargh! toasted another alternator...solution?
  14. toyotas gear ratios.
  15. '92 V6 4/Runner surging and losing power
  16. IM BACK!! and with pictures of my engine rebuild
  17. Water pump shaft pushed back?....
  18. harmonic balancer sleeve does it work?
  19. New parts! The SR5 conversion is almost done.
  20. windshield rust and re seal questions
  21. Best head gasket for a 22re turbo?
  22. Newb with a towing question
  23. 1988 Toyota 22re EFI has starting problems please help
  24. Charging System
  25. Horrible noise from the front end
  26. NEW 3VZE or REBUILD @ 200,000 or swap in a....
  27. Driver's Side Mirror: Wobbly Glass
  28. Clunking vibration when turning?????
  29. 3VZE Power Steering Brackets
  30. 3vze air conditioner questions
  31. Hard to Start, Timing Issue Write Up
  32. 1st Gen 4Runner mirrors upgrade.
  33. Please help no power at 55 mph or in fifth gear
  34. a very tough choice to make..
  35. need help
  36. i got an 89 sr5 and im wonderin if an intake system is worth it
  37. Bad Oil Pump
  38. High flow cat vs. straight pipe
  39. Fuse box 87 toyota 4x4
  40. clutch torque specs?
  41. Reed valve wiring
  42. Old Mod, Different set up
  43. My "New" 95 Extra Cab 4x4
  44. A/C system won't take freon..Compressor clutch engaged.
  45. stuck valve...
  46. Odd starting problem - bad plugs?
  47. questions on 89 2wd body lift
  48. Need help identifying some wires/cables
  49. 4" lift and drop pitman?
  50. Need help. Bogging/Sputtering out.
  51. body of my 89 sr5 rotted to hell, any tips?
  52. 87 22r overheating
  53. Bolt at End of axel
  54. Sticky injectors?
  55. Trans mount bolts
  56. 1989 toyota 2wd pick up lift
  57. 88 4runner stumbles on take off
  58. Wheel Spacers, Ball Join Spacers, Downey Springs
  59. 22re valve tick- 35K miles
  60. Maybe the clutch is going?
  61. Did I toast my tranny?
  62. Timing advancing
  63. fuel inj. onto carb motor
  64. By my hand or not??
  65. Misfiring popping and a code 12
  66. searching for turbo still
  67. 3.0 years
  68. Soft Top Picture Request
  69. 3vz gas mileage
  70. Head Gasket or Rebuild?...
  71. No pressure in gas tank
  72. Help with cam
  73. 1993 P.U. 22RE overheating & losing Coolant
  74. Bought a junkyard 22re, has water in the oil
  75. Alignment help: 1993 toyota 4runner 2.4L
  76. air / smog pump delete. keeping ac
  77. Quick/easy BJ spacer question....
  78. 89 rod bearing replacement
  79. Drowned 4Runner won't run
  80. AC Liquid Line Tube?
  81. AC help, I have part numbers.
  82. AC Clutch replacement?
  83. What is this?
  84. Cat bolts
  85. Time to regear
  86. New Motor Finished (Well almost)
  87. Sudden shifting problem (not the shifter seat)
  88. topper question
  89. Rear bumper or lift?
  90. 95 4runner OBD?
  91. Blower Fan Problem 1987 4Runner
  92. No high idle when engine is cold
  93. Jumpy timing California smog question
  94. 22re quick question
  95. My brakes are going out!! HELP!! Could it be my master? No leaks!
  96. regular bed vs. long bed
  97. Rear swaybar on 1st gen
  98. pkb cable problem
  99. bought a 90 pickup have a few questions
  100. Power window and door lock problems
  101. hg rebuild
  102. best topper / cap / camper shell fit on 92 xtra cab?
  103. 90 p/u suggestions
  104. Swapping in factory 4.88's and have a few questions.
  105. ShortMag's 22re Rebuild.
  106. Block Surface??? check out these pics
  107. New to toys, yota tech, and the 95 4 runner in my drive!!!
  108. Im having over heating in my 91 4runner 3l v6. what are possible problems?
  109. Sheared wheel stud?
  110. Hoses
  111. Suspension lift DIY job?? or no??
  112. high idle & surging with brakes
  113. Please help! Sputters at low RPM
  114. Truck lost half its power, please help!
  115. Idle Down when dipstick is pulled
  116. Quick help! Is my thermostat opening enough? pic
  117. Help! My tach went crazy and it brought my AC down with it!
  118. 22RE Engine Won't Start, Electrical
  119. Rocker Repair
  120. New 22re Rebuild won't start. Fuel Pump
  121. BIG oil leak Help????
  122. Toyota Red Coolant
  123. What EVERYONE should know about their truck & the 3VZE
  124. LSPV Leak
  125. 1990 4runner up for sale SR5 3.0 1800$
  126. Rust Repair
  127. 95 4Runner Rear Window Relay
  128. Gotta Love That 4Runner
  129. Required Wiring diagram for 1986 Toyota Reg cab
  130. Upper ball joint renewal
  131. TG 3" SAS done.
  132. Drivetrain vibration question
  133. 1995 toyota 4runner issue
  134. 22RE Surfacing
  135. MPG is dropping, EGR code.
  136. Brown coolant
  137. Motor wont spin when rod bolts are torqued
  138. What type of ATF to use
  139. Super Rich Crop Duster When A/C On??
  140. Set the timing/jumpers
  141. What Do You Make Of These 2 H2O Pumps
  142. Every time I make a sharp turn, U-turn or simply get out of my drive way I hear this
  143. 88 efi wont run
  144. 22RE still overheating after new rad, hoses, and tstat
  145. Where is the "body ground"?
  146. Shift question
  147. help my highbeams stay on and wont go off.
  148. More power!!!
  149. Why is my xfer case shifter off
  150. Is a 22R long block the same as a 22RE
  151. 87 4Runner SR5 Fuel Gauge Acting Up.
  152. Auto Tranny Acting Funny
  153. My New Project!
  154. Anyone know the exact years of the Altimeter?
  155. Replacing front crank seal, etc
  156. '88 runner- sluggish after periods of rain
  157. Electric fan option's opinion's needed
  158. Too mant HG jobs on one engine?
  159. factory R12 a/c install checklist
  160. manual swap checklist
  161. converted a 2nd gen grill into my 1st gen
  162. 02 Sensor Volts Question
  163. Advanced Timing Issues
  164. How does a malfunctioning Ignitor Module affect the injectors from firing
  165. Rear back up lights / Stalling going up hill
  166. 94' 4Runner oil pan removal?
  167. A/C information
  168. 22RE: Touble After An Engine Swap
  169. 86 4runner questions...
  170. Removing intake manifold
  171. Does anyone know of any Toyota mechanics in Powell River?
  172. Rear coils, there has GOT to be a better way!
  173. AC died
  174. T case
  175. rear window compatability
  176. 954runner sputters..come and go and now
  177. Seating position in a 86-89 pickup
  178. Need help, code 11 and hard to start..
  179. Something wrong with my pickup extra cab....
  180. Cant solve Oil Pressure issue, Tried everything??
  181. wheel bearings?
  182. how to drop front diff
  183. where to mount a 10CD changer in a 94 runner?
  184. questions on a MC front bumper
  185. creepy problem
  186. ignition tumbler locked up
  187. Bone stock '89 runner
  188. Full tank & changing Filter
  189. Busted TPS
  190. 4runner rear crossmember
  191. help, if it sounds like a rod bearing is it a rod bearing???
  192. Snorkels and deep water.
  193. Can a leaky radiator drain plug cause overheating????
  194. Need Advice on Flowmasters
  195. Question on Bumpers
  196. 22ret block
  197. looking for hid driving lights
  198. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! tires balding so fast
  199. SAS parts interchange
  200. How do i get the 4wd light to go on?
  201. Is my transmission bad?
  202. 3VZE coolant leak
  203. 22RE build, engine assembly questions
  204. NWMP aux fuel tank install
  205. Charge/brake light...then death
  206. What are you suppose to torque the rod bearing bolts down to?
  207. my 22re will not run
  208. 22RE turns over, but won't start..... where to start (no pun intended)
  209. Driveshaft U-joint replaced, but questions before installing.
  210. 90 4Runner Electrical issues
  211. Whirring from the Trans/t-case
  212. ATTN all AZ yotas! I need help!!!
  213. Throttle position sensor
  214. Possible Emission system? Help!
  215. need opinions on getting road worthy
  216. Another 3.0 3vze timing belt question
  217. Just finished painting my rims Check em out!!
  218. ECU Repairs in Ontario for 3.0TD hilux
  219. Custom Interior Thread
  220. arm rest
  221. Speedo Issue/Question
  222. Finding the source of a troubling noise- tricks
  223. Code 27
  224. dumb 3rd member Q
  225. Different rear pinion seals?
  226. 3.0 block surface
  227. Cragar Soft 8's and 31x10.5 Tires on 95 limited
  228. 80-140 oil in t-case
  229. speedo question
  230. EFI Port and Balance Intake
  231. shaking at all speeds
  232. Heading South
  233. Center pin crap!!!
  234. Ass sag fix w/o additional lift?
  235. Locker time!
  236. Idle issues
  237. Check engine light
  238. Interchangable Parts
  239. What do you have armored on your truck?
  240. Should i hook up a relay?
  241. Identify this bracket
  242. how do you remove the a/c clutch?
  243. Hit and run
  244. Torsion bars through the years!
  245. Gasket Sealant
  246. IFS lift now or save and do SAS?
  247. 93 4runner stalls at idle
  248. Replaced T-Chain, now Grey OIL!
  249. 89 Wont Start
  250. no power...