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  1. 22RE swap options
  2. waterproof an alternator?
  3. Good bye stripes
  4. Hilux/4runner gears?
  5. Performance enhancement Chips
  6. Fan push or pull
  7. anyone of telling the gears
  8. ignitor "compatibility"
  9. Dowl pins in dual transfer case setup / shift rod question
  10. help!! truck wont start!
  11. just in case anyone was interested in wiring diagrams...
  12. cv joint a wiggler
  13. Opinions: Are A340 Shift Solenoids A Service Item?
  14. New Badlands bumper, trannie cooler, and lights
  15. Would a steering gear box 84-90 fit my p/u
  16. ISR mod and gas mileage
  17. Who Makes the Best Head Gasket for the 3vze?
  18. Would 2000 Tundra seats fit a 1987 4Runner
  19. Sourcing Parts for the 3VZE (3.0 V6)
  20. u joint
  21. Lockright Problems
  22. Adjusting Idle on a '91 Toyota v6 pickup 4wd.
  23. front diff is leaking from where the cv connects to
  24. Stainless Steel Brake Lines do not fit on front.
  25. 3vze No. 2 idler pulley...dropped a socket in it...what now?
  26. Strange Clicking sound
  27. 68 toyota pick up carburated floods in 2wd and 4 high
  28. Adjustible cam gears ?'s
  29. dumb guy question, or: I hate carburation, etc.
  30. 3vze timing marks not aligned correctly
  31. detailing a motor, 22re in an 89.
  32. any way to seal the carb??
  33. xtended cab bench vs standard bench
  34. Idle adjustment 1994 V6
  35. Rear Crossmembers
  36. Window track Install
  37. Driveshaft length for dual transfer cases and TG 5" rear lift
  38. clunky front end over bumps......
  39. 22re starting problem
  40. sick of searching. No body lift for 95 4runner with auto trans??
  41. four wheel drive NO WORKY! help
  42. How to set aftermarket speakers from hitting grill?
  43. Intake sticking out through the hood. Ideas?
  44. Need help working on my 90 4Runner
  45. Stock '93 on 33/10.5 BFG any others?
  46. 2 gen, trail gear rear bumper?
  47. 22re oil/coolant contamination question
  48. cab swap question
  49. A340H Transfer Case Oil Cooler
  50. W56 Tranny, how do the locking balls go in?
  51. low idle on 3.0 after warmed up
  52. no rust and new paint
  53. Longer valve cover studs?
  54. Brake Warning Light Question
  55. i need help!
  56. coolant temo sensor sheared off
  57. Front Drive train questions HELP!
  58. I need advice.....
  59. Ignition Coil
  60. 86 4runner: AT problem.... drive seems to be out
  61. 22RE replacement engine?
  62. So i finally gave in!
  63. Removed guages, now turn signals don't work? huh?
  64. FYI Ignition lock cylinder
  65. Electric fan wiring
  66. Thicker Weight Oil stopped Bad chatter and pinging?
  67. 2wd brake rotor, pad, and wheel bearing question
  68. Can I fit 36's?
  69. Metal shaving in rear third?
  70. 95 4runner door lock problem
  71. #1 Cylinder Not Firing
  72. EFI to carb swap
  73. 3vze engine help TPS?
  74. ZUK coil mod finished, BJ's installed, pictures.
  75. knock sensor help please!
  76. Drivers side power window issue in 91 4 runner sr5 4x4 4door.
  77. Vacuum/fuel line help
  78. lost 3 cylinders
  79. Got the ST2 back home.
  80. Death wobble
  81. Head light help
  82. i need help......desprately
  83. Tranny go "BOOM!"
  84. No Radio now storage
  85. gears
  86. Update! if anyone remembers me
  87. Tranny 92 pickup help
  88. Brakes update and other issues.
  89. Back in the game/ 3.0 question
  90. Rebuild or get crate motor?
  91. Another high idle question after body lift ...I searched! Help please.
  92. 60/40 bench to buckets question
  93. transfer case oil seal replacement
  94. 4wd IS engaging
  95. difference between sr5 and dlx?
  96. 1st Gen 4Runner Seatbelt.
  97. Broke down in Boulder CO with 500mi to go! Please help. Newb here
  98. Help me with a kill switch please!!!
  99. Snorkel help
  100. Headlight chime ?
  101. trying to find this part #
  102. Brake bleeding, help?
  103. Spark plug gap
  104. What else do I need?
  105. 22RE ticking problem
  106. Leaky Fuel Injector?
  107. Transmission stuck in fourth gear
  108. ebrake and battery light on
  109. Hmmm.. Will 2WD Corner Lights Fit A 4WD ??
  110. 2nd gen 4runner dash speakers
  111. Big Dilemma? Need Options?
  112. IS my ECM cooked? 95 tacoma
  113. special service tool for vacuum booster rod
  114. head gasket problem
  115. need help
  116. Bilstein (or other) shocks w/ BJ etc lift
  117. 93 toyota pickup engine light intermittently coming on.
  118. Experience with Rocky Road Outfitters?
  119. building a 3.0
  120. Noob question......loosening petcock
  121. Stumped on start problem
  122. Addicted Off-Road Bumper...MOUNTED!!!
  123. Trouble getting leaf spring bushing out. Need to find replacement
  124. Third members
  125. crashed my 93 2-door 4Runner!
  126. help with a 1989 2wd pick up
  127. Horrible noise, relays clicking, What can it be?
  128. kc lights.... anyone got pics?
  129. 4" bracket plus bj spacers= 35's?
  130. Stiff Manul Hubs
  131. Can't get truck to run
  132. 1uzfe flywheel
  133. 86 sr5 22re
  134. 1991 V6 3vze Auto Transmission Question ????????
  135. replacing shocks, buy some for now or wait?
  136. 86 4runner injector circuits
  137. Transmission removal tips
  138. Balljoint Kit
  139. 3vze switch to synthetic
  140. Pick me a front bumper!
  141. Tire Fitment Question
  142. ifs help
  143. rear door light on the dash is on
  144. Losing patience with v6 valve adjustment
  145. Cleaned up the pickup
  146. Our Yotas (past and present)
  147. 1990 and 1993 Radioillumination and speaker questions
  148. 4.56 gears lockright locker an 31.1250/15's
  149. lc coils...... ROCK!!!!!!!!!
  150. orange lift kit?
  151. Blown head gasket, advice?
  152. *New tires!!!! 33x10.50 BFG All Terrains, pics inside*
  153. can i use any 2nd gen doors for all 4 of my doors
  154. finally passed smog...but got problems
  155. Inflatable Rear shocks '94 4Runner
  156. Length of a W58 input shaft?
  157. removing hitch and spare wheel from my 87
  158. BAD compression... is it over?
  159. Look what Jay scored!
  160. brake rotor hard is it?
  161. a little BC IFS wheeling pics and vids
  162. The coils have arrived!!
  163. Fuel pump constantly running
  164. Missing Wire
  165. '88 pickup running light diagram
  166. inner door panel removal
  167. looking for a SKID PLATE
  168. Changing my torsion bar bolts
  169. Removing LCA with a twist.
  170. Yay! another rear window problem.
  171. dirty 30's wont fit, any evewr ground out their knuckle ball?
  172. flat bed
  173. Where is timing plug to short out?
  174. All crank and no start
  175. ?? 3" rear and bj spacers in front??
  176. Bad Diveline Vibrations
  177. weird ticking noise
  178. Torsion Bar
  179. 4runner coils i want new ones
  180. Camper or no camper?
  181. Speedo cable gear?
  182. exhaust torx studs
  183. Free 4Runner!
  184. Engine noise in radio
  185. acetone in fuel for better mileage???
  186. Body Lift shifter problem? Here is the fix.
  187. Any guides to removing the pistons?
  188. lce header studs?
  189. Idle around 500 RPM even after adjusting up
  190. Anyone running with a Utility Rack?
  191. Has anybody ever put a inner cage in a 4runner
  192. My rear diff is leaking
  193. herculined my floorboard. pics
  194. Chirp/Squeak Possibly Related to Clutch?
  195. 3vze oil galley plugs
  196. Homebrew bumpers
  197. Brake Problems
  198. Bed Rust - Is this fixable?
  199. Finally went wheelin
  200. New Paint....what next
  201. anyone have an ECU go bad?
  202. Everybody read this need help with power windows
  203. What do the Head Rh and Head LH fuses do underneath the hood
  204. 22re rebuild parts gathering
  205. Rear wiper ??"s
  206. Rear adjuster Kits???
  207. relays for electrical windows
  208. 95 4Runner Alarm Questions
  209. 95 4runner key fob
  210. Connection off the EFI Chamber
  211. Head gasket how to
  212. '95 diesel 4runner transfer box noise (VIDEO)
  213. Can you remove a transfer case without removing the tranny?
  214. front shakes/wobbles
  215. Idle high 200 rpms (it may be my fault)
  216. Hardtop Bolt Size?
  217. 22r connecting rod bearings
  218. Shifter popped out
  219. I can't get the front IFS diff cover to come off....HELP
  220. gears
  221. New to the fourm :) oddly enough, I have a question.
  222. Grant 414 challenger steering wheel
  223. INFO about Moog pitman and idler arms
  224. Need Diagram on how to remove dash
  225. Silla radiator anyone?
  226. Help!! part number for 3vz-E camshaft oil seal
  227. What's missing from my clutch release cylinder?
  228. shifting becoming difficult
  229. Half doors, pictures.
  230. "High Clearance" exhaust Idea questions *pics*
  231. Its still there......the ticking that i thought was rod bearings
  232. BJ's and Coils. HA!!!!
  233. Does this need to be capped ?????
  234. 87 ECU needed
  235. brake and charge light on
  236. brake booster or master?
  237. PLEASE HELP!! Fuel pressure
  238. Help taking apart the dash
  239. horn beeps only when turning....worn contacts
  240. red hot cat, wont start !!88 3vze
  241. Suspension really bouncy and really squiky
  242. yoke?
  243. Help: IFS diff - swapping longside ADD axle w/non-ADD axle
  244. knuckle rebuild question
  245. What i can do to fill in the area between the fenders and interior panels? Too noisy
  246. Ooops... Slung a rod. What motor should i go with.
  247. Need Help. Low idle after running the air
  248. Baja Mule rooftop storage
  249. body lift issues
  250. timing chain guide + slack. how long do I have, doctor?