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How does a beadlock work?

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How does a beadlock work?

can someone please explain to me how beadlocks work?

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Beadlocks pinch the bead of the tire to the rim to help hold it in place when tire pressure is too low provide enough resistance. It is accomplished by bolting a locking ring to a rim that has a seating area where the bead of the tire rests, it's like a ring that's welded to the rim behind where the bead would normally be. The locking ring is basically a circular clamp, that grips the bead against this part of the rims.
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Pretty much what Mudhippy said. I changed your title so you;ll get more accuarate feedback Julian.
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Staun also makes a bead lock that does the same thing, but is mounted inside the tire, and can best be described like an inner tube on a bicycle.

It isn't exactly the same, but it is a tube you fill with air, and it pinches the beads on both sides of the rim.

Advantages: Balances easier, is techincally "street" legal, locks both beads.

Disadvantages: Expensive, doesn't provide rim protection like a ring will, leaving rims open to easier damage.
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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
good info. i never knew how they worked either, just i never really looked into one, but now i know
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