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3VZ-E Poor Idle but no Indicator

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3VZ-E Poor Idle but no Indicator

I have a 94 4Runner 3.0. Second owner with all records. Recently did an Intake Silencer Removal Mod which went great, but once finished my car no longer idles well. I would occasionally have a bad idle from time to time but once I did the mod it has become consistent. Only idles poorly once the engine gets up to running temp. Seems to be running rich which I am assuming by the now terrible gas mileage I am getting compared to normal, but No Check Engine light to indicate what might be happening. Any Ideas?
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You need to read the EPIC 3vze thread linked in my signature line.
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EPIC 3VZE info thread
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After reading TNRabbit's sig link (highly recommend), I just posted with someone who had the same issue. It's common on the 3VZ-E engines, mine did it too but before I did the same "mod".

Here's the post: http://www.yotatech.com/f116/89-pick.../#post52024129

I'm confident it's the same issue but every truck is different so no guarantees. I've had some very unique issues with mine that weren't as easy as it seemed. Just don't buy any sensors until you tested them to make sure they are bad per the instructions in the FSM (using a multi-meter).
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I appreciate the links. I started going through everything to really diagnose the situation but the idle problem was getting progressively worse. Got so bad to the point that I ended up needing to take it in and have someone that actually gets paid to fix cars take care of it for me. (I'm still quite a newbie at all this.)

Turns out, the problem was low pressure in the fuel line due to dirty injectors. A BG Fuel Injector Cleaner took car of the problem which was a relief from all the other work I thought I might have to do.
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