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Originally Posted by tulsa_97SR5 View Post
you can load a different firmware on there, rockbox. ... They are working on video.

If you follow the install instructions it has you back up the ipod firmware first, in case you ever want to revert to itunes etc.
  • Rockbox is here:

  • They JUST got real DualBoot working on the iRiver H10. Given that the core processor and OS is the same as the iPod, it should migrate to that port fairly quick. Point being that having a backup of the original image won't be a requirement for ever.

  • Video will be interesting.. We couldn't get enough throughput out of the chip when we did the original OS to do anything reasonable. But...

  • ...but, getting video to work will hinge on them really firing up the 2nd core, which they're also working on.

  • There are VERY FEW people working on the ports. They have a priority schedule that's based on getting the core running on more platforms/processors versus tweaking the bajeezus out of the ports that exist.

  • DRM support (for AAC and WMA) is coming - but see the previous point regarding priority.
These guys are doing some amazing work. It's really wild to watch then undo what took us a year+ to create - and we had full dev support. They're learning without the hardware docs and only through reverse engineering.

edit: "we" is PortalPlayer. I and 5 other guys wrote the core OS for the chip that's in the iPod, various iRiver boxes, Creative boxes, Samsung boxes, etc...
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